Loopaa is proudly supporting Startup Weekend Cluj



Someone said that successful businesses have two vital functions: marketing and innovation. Well… for the innovation part you should join Startup Weekend Cluj, where creative people are gathering to share ideas and to launch startups. As for marketing, we might need the help of professionals… in some cases, at least. This is where Loopaa pops-out as one of the most dynamic creative agencies in Cluj. With an extensive experience in the IT and automotive industries, you can count on this bunch of crazy creatives, whether you’re a start-up, looking to get your first product in the market, or a well-established company, searching for a fresh perspective.

„The Startup Weekend event is a great opportunity to initiate and nurture entrepreneurship in Cluj. Start-ups are the engine of a healthy business environment, generating innovation, competitiveness and higher standards for the products or services provided to the consumers. These are all values that we share and promote within our agency and with our partners or employees. Ultimately, we’re happy to support Startup Weekend Cluj because it represents our personal and business beliefs, stating that entrepreneurship is the key of getting a better way of life.”
Victor Gavronschi – General Manager of Loopaa

Loopaa is an interactive creative agency that focuses on marketing strategy and planning, integrating design and technology in order to deliver value to businesses all across Europe.