How to pitch your idea?


We do not expect everyone that turns up to have an idea. Lots of people attend the weekend in order to provide their knowledge and to help grow the ideas being pitched on the Friday night.

What to expect from the pitch?

You have exactly 60 seconds to pitch your idea to the crowd. This should be a concise elevator pitch to engage with the audience and motivate people into working on your concept. Since you will have an international audience, pitches will be held in English.

As you only have 60 seconds, try this formula:

  •  Introduction: 10 seconds

Introduce yourself & your background

Title your idea

  • Problem: 15-20 seconds

Who is the audience you are targeting, and what specific concerns do they have?

Describe the problem you want to solve

  • Vision: 20 seconds

Describe your vision – What are the benefits for your customers? What makes your solution different from others out there?

  • Requirements: 10 seconds

What will the solution require to get started: What people are you looking for? Any skills your team is missing? What technology do you want to use?

Name your startup so people can vote for you


Not all the ideas will make the grade

We do not force this process – there is no set limit on the amount of startups that can be worked on throughout the weekend, however, we ask that you ensure that you have enough team members to reach your goal at the end of the weekend.

Someone else may have the same or a similar idea

If you pitch an idea, and someone else has the same idea, you basically have two options – either join forces and use the other as a co-founder, or go head-to-head. Either way, don’t sweat about it. This also shows that the problem that you have a solution for is real. Not all ideas are unique – it is however in the execution of that idea that will make your startup unique.

If you are NOT pitching an idea.

Pick a team that you think you can help most. Think about what problems the pitches are trying to solve – where can your expertise help? What startup do you think would be best suited to your way of thinking?


For other useful tips, use the following resources: