Ideas developed at #swcluj2015


The first day of the event, Friday evening was full of inspiration and great concepts. We had 30 ideas pitched at Startup Weekend Cluj 2014!

During Saturday and Sunday, there were 12 teams that worked for validating their ideas and competing for the prizes.

Now let’s have a look on the ideas- a short description of them, in an arbitrary order:

  • C-Points: Find solutions for charging your devices, easy and simple, when you are not at home. Research validates the market place. Never give up, research, pivot and take down your competition with viable solutions.
  • Tapsit: Get the table at your favorite restaurant just a tap away. Always get a place wherever you are – wherever you want to.
  • City365:  Changes the way people make money, combining business with people’s experiences. It’s like going out and make experiences matter.
  • Awesome 1st date: Helping shy people have that awesome 1st date. With profiling and coaches that will help you ease the stress and the awkward silent moments from the 1st date.
  •  The platform that help contructors meet clients, and where clients meet professionals. Get the quality services easy with the help of the platform. Just a click away.
  • Mountain report: Prepare for the unknown of the outdoor sports activity with the app. Get all the info: from renting equipment to weather and take your trip to the next level.
  • Foveo: Turn all the resolutions into reality with the Foveo app. Create teams and work for a common goal. Set, work and achieve what you want.
  • Tutora: Humans teaching humans. Online platform to learn/teach something new, changing the way we see tutoring.
  • Clear Future: A clear vision on higher education from students to pupils. Get a clear vision of the future.
  • Travique: The app that will match the foreigners with the unique festivals and cool parties from Romania.
  • Mon Jour: A productivity application that pivoted till the last 30′ before the final pitch.
  • SnapIT: A small camera device which can be attached to any type of glasses on the left/right side of the frame. The camera is connected to a mobile app and with a single touch on a capacitive button you immortalize the view, without loosing the experience