Winning teams @swcluj2015


At the 4th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj the attendees and mentors have shared a lot of ideas, knowledge and expertise during the event. The atmosphere was completed by tight competition and ambition.

So this year we had 3 teams in the top and 3 special prizes. Each team has chosen a nickname, but these nicknames can or cannot be the official ones (they have the right to change it and the same thing is applied also to the business model).  From each team we have a short description of the business and some aspects of the event experience.  Enjoy the reading!

1st place – Travique

The app that will match the foreigners with the unique festivals and cool parties from Romania. Team members: Kate Rushton, Istvan Miklos, Tudor Marze, Emanuel Marcus, Dorel Natea, Sergiu Bologa, Horea Gruita

“I am exhausted but I had lots of fun at Startup Weekend Cluj. Thank you for arranging it.” Kate Rushton, writer

2nd place – Tapsit

The way for restaurant to offer a better experience to their clients. Get the table at your favorite restaurant just a tap away. Team members: Valentin Filip, Emil Antoni, Marius David, Daniel Ogleja

“My experience is that there were quality people among the mentors. At the same time I can say I felt the lack of energy and engaging spirit. Otherwise, everything was good and nice.”  Valentin Filip, Cluster Manager at TSS Yonder

3rd place – Tutora

Humans teaching humans. Online platform to learn/teach something new, changing the way we see tutoring. Team members: Mihai Costea, Violeta Altmann, Ioana Costinas, Cristina Malita, Ciprian Stavar, Vlad Balan

“For me it was a very nice experience. I participated last year, I liked it and this year I was not disappinted. People were very friendly and super interesting. I found the perfect team. For me it was great!” Mihai Costea, iOS Developer at Telenav

Special Prize – Mountain Report

An application that saves your time and energy in order to plan your outdoor adventure. Team members: Ioan Alexandru Pop, Laura Vaida, Alex Grigor, Cora Pacurariu, Silviu Popa

“I got very tired at the end of the event, but at the same time it was really great. I progressed with my project and individual as an entrepreneur.” Alex Pop, C-sharp Software Developer at Emerson

Special Prize –

Provides local construction workers to help realise a project. Team members: Alex Ilisei, Paul Bodean, Bogdan Havrisciuc, Thomas Morris

Special Prize – Snapit

A small camera device which can be attatched to any type of glasses on the left/right side of  the frame, connected to a mobile application, with a single touch on a capacitive button. You immortalize  the view without losing an experience.  Team members: Oanta Williams, Oanta James, Lazurca Andrei